Cart Saver

Product documentation and frequently asked questions.

Viewing Saved Carts

While customers can always view their saved carts at https://{YOUR-SHOP-DOMAIN}/a/saved-carts, you can also choose to embed a list of their saved carts on their customer account page.


This feature requires turning on the app embed called List Carts from the theme customizer. Unfortunately, Online Store 2.0 themes do not support app blocks on the customer account page, so you won't find an option for this feature there. While most themes will support this feature seamlessly, there are some that will require setting the Target ID for it to work.


Following is an explanation of the different configuration settings.

Target ID allows you to create a custom target for the Javascript to embed the cart list. You can use this if you want to change where the list is embedded on the customer account page, or if the default targets don't exist on the page.

For example, if you set this field to cart-list, then on your account page in the HTML you could add the following.

<div id="cart-list"></div>

The cart list would then be embedded wherever you added the HTML with the cart-list ID.

Table CSS Class allows you to add a custom class to the table generated with your cart list. This helps ensure the styling matches your theme.

Text options allow you to customize the text used in the save product flow. You can use this to change the messaging or to translate the text.