Cart Saver

Product documentation and frequently asked questions.

Saving Carts

The Cart Saver application allows you to save an entire cart for customers to come back to at any time in the future.


This feature requires turning on the app embed called Save Cart from the theme customizer. This can be accomplished using the app embed (for legacy themes) or the app block (for Online Store 2.0) themes.

You can also choose to install this functionality anywhere on your store with a custom installation. Simply create an HTML link to /a/saved-carts/new. Any time a customer visits this page while logged in, they will save a new cart.

<a href="/a/saved-carts/new">Save Cart</a>

You can also use the applications embedded saved carts list by linking to /a/saved-carts which will allow customers to scroll through and view any previously saved carts.

<a href="/a/saved-carts">View Carts</a>


Following is an explanation of the different configuration settings.

Button class are the class names added to the buttons.

Text options allow you to customize the text used in the save product flow. You can use this to change the messaging or to translate the text.