Cart Saver

Product documentation and frequently asked questions.

Saving Products

In addition to saving an entire cart, Cart Saver also allows you to create new carts from the product page, or save a new product to an existing cart.


This feature requires turning on the app embed called Save Product from the theme customizer.


Following is an explanation of the different configuration settings.

Embed add product button allows you to choose whether you want the app to embed the button for you. You might choose to turn this off if you want to use the app block button instead, or if you have a customization that it does not support. To add a custom button to the product page, you only need to make sure it has the ID attribute set to aasaved-cart-trigger. The Javascript will attach the click event to any HTML element with that ID on the product page.

Button class are the class names added to the add product button. The default class uses styling provided by the application, but it is recommended you update this field to a class used by your theme.

Button color allows you to set a background color to the button. If you are using a custom button class, this setting should be set to transparent to prevent overriding your styles.

Show button icon allows you to show or hide the icon provided with the button.

Text options allow you to customize the text used in the save product flow. You can use this to change the messaging or to translate the text.