Cart Saver

Product documentation and frequently asked questions.

Getting Started


These steps outline how to install the Cart Saver app in your storefront. If you would like us to do the installation for you, please contact us.

Step 1

From the Shopify admin, open the menu labeled "Online Store" and navigate to the theme page.

Step 2

Click the button to customize your current theme.

Step 3

In the bottom left of the customization window, click the selector labeled "Theme actions" and select the option to edit code.

Step 4

You should now see a list of theme files that you can edit from your browser. Open the file for your cart and add the following button on the page.

<a href="/a/saved-carts/new">Save Cart</a>

Most likely you'll want to include it grouped with existing buttons on your cart page. Make sure to save!

Step 5

This step will depend largely on your theme, but you'll want to add a link somewhere so customers can view their saved carts. By default, the path is {YOUR-STORE-URL}/a/saved-carts.